Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Center Time

That is probably one of the best things to hear in elementary school! My center time was introduced slowly and revolved around the skills that we were working on at that time. I used a poster with four colored dots. The dots corresponded to dots placed on an alligator’s belly next to each center. I had center teams, which meant four to six students were on the same color dot. I had four center per dot, so that kids could spread out. I rotated the dots every day, or every-other day, depending on how much time we had for centers. Bunny Bucks was a special center that any color dot team could do to help learn their sight words and phonics. I had centers such as listening, writing, reading, magnets (which math and word work could be done along with other things), math (time, numbers, etc.), creative art, free play, felt board stories, science (lots of interactive things like the bean tub, in which I hid something new every week!), puppet theatre, building blocks and puzzles. I constantly updated the centers to reflect, not only a skill they needed to master, but also skills they already had so that they could build on them. –Mrs. C J

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